Generation Cry Baby: Why Millennials Are a F**king Joke


Authentic Louisiana Name Quiz

Screen Shot 2015-09-02 at 12.43.18 PM

Someone made this quiz destined to go viral around here where “BuzzFeed-Style” you find out what your authentic Louisiana name is. The interesting part? The perfect ad placement next to it for Louisiana Job Connection.
Because I loved it so much I wanted to find out who was behind the quiz, but there’s no brand directly tied to the page claiming ownership. After further investigation guess what, I think it’s LED’S Louisiana Job Connection. I think they literally created a website they knew would get shared multiple times by their direct target audience, just so you see their ad while you’re there. And I’m obsessing over that idea.
The only clue I had was the ad and then on the page description in my tab bar it says: “Louisiana Name Maker Quiz | Come Home, Louisiana” and Come Home Louisiana is LED’s campaign to motivate people to return to Louisiana (by using their Job Connection page). They haven’t promoted it on their website/social channels but instead have Visit Baton Rouge, BR’s CVB, and other tourism-related entities pushing the quiz—also genius.
It’s intriguing to see they aren’t taking the native advertising/ promoted content route saying “brought to you by” or calling it “LED’s Authentic La. Name Maker Quiz” or throwing a plug at the bottom saying “Missing Louisiana? See if theres a job there waiting for you on La. Job Connection.”
But they are instead trying to secretly associate themselves with it in your mind. What’s in for them to spend money on this if they aren’t shouting from the rooftops it was made by them—Did they basically buy the perfectly appropriate and relevant ad space for themselves from THEMSELVES?
Are we becoming numb to sponsored content? Are job seekers more likely to go to their website from the ad then had they “sponsored” the quiz? Did I just notice this because I work in advertising everyday and the regular human would never have? SO MANY QUESTIONS.
Just thought I’d share my advertising geek-out of the day and so you can also take the quiz to find out your Louisiana name!

“We are 23”

I just found the most truthful blog post I’ve ever witnessed and had to share.

The Brain On 23

The Brain on 23

The Brain on 23

Minus the references to Tinder, dating to avoid loneliness and wanting to stay a kid forever, this article is my life and this blogger is everything.

“We are 23, and we constantly try to tell ourselves to stop complaining and enjoy our youth. Life isn’t really that bad.Yet all this fear remains, and it melts us into pessimists. Because life is pretty good, and still we can’t stop worrying. ”

“We hear the grown-ups urge us to calm down. They tell us it will all fall into place. We hear them say these things, but we don’t believe them. Things don’t just fall into place. We have to put them there.”

And the HuffPo interview with her later is the best part.

“What’s so scary is that even though I’m lucky enough to have a job and really good friends and things like that, we are just constantly worried about whether the choices that we’ve made are correct. Whether every choice we make is putting us on a path toward something and whether we’re going in the right direction. And I feel very lucky honestly to have the privilege to worry about those kinds of things, but it doesn’t make them less scary.”

“It’s really hard to remember that when we’re comparing ourselves to these people who we see through Facebook allegedly succeeding more than us, or having it more together than us, it kind of creates this culture of anxiety where we can’t stop comparing ourselves to other people and forget that they’re probably feeling the same way that we are.”

Amazing read, take the time.

And follow Molly Sprayregen’s amazing work.

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2015 Social Media Resolutions

So just like 2014, I in 2015 promise to lose weight, choose happiness and take less selfies-among other social media resolutions. This year, as I begin to really focus on digital advertising and social media marketing in my career, I hope to swear by these social media resolutions.

  1. Blog More- And yes, I’m pretty sure this was my #1 social media resolution last year, but I mean it this time. At least once a month, and if you notice I haven’t in a while, tweet me! And hey, suggesting a topic wouldn’t hurt.
  2. Learn More- I’ve been looking hard into various online courses and social media certificates, like Hootsuite U and LSU’s Social Media Certificate through their continuing education program. In 2015 I really want to earn some sort of accreditation citing my knowledge and experience in social media. The best thing you can invest in is your education!
  3. Meet More- Social media has allowed me to discover various other professionals, reporters, opinion leaders, recruiters, etc. that I wouldn’t have otherwise found, and it’s time to meet IRL! In 2015 I want to try to meet (safely) at least three people I have met, or will meet, through Twitter or LinkedIn! And maybe even blog about it- re: resolution #1, but baby steps!
  4. Update More- And no not Facebook and Twitter because let’s be real, I do that all of the time. I mean keep my professional social media and digital platforms up to date, because you never know who could be looking at them. (Yes, I found out the hard way and will forever be embarrassed) Master a new skill- I’ll add it on LinkedIn. Wrap up a new campaign- I’ll add it to my digital portfolio.
  5. Immerse Less- I know this last one will seem contradictory to the above resolutions, but in 2015 I really hope to work on putting the phone down. At night when I’m in bed, at the dinner table, in meetings, walking on the street. Everywhere. I want to be more aware of my surroundings; I want to be able to not check my phone for at least 15 minutes with out a serious case of F.O.M.O (Fear Of Missing Out) setting in. Seriously, my generation is so awful when it comes to this. It’s become like a reflex, like just a subconscious action to open an app even though you just refreshed it three minutes ago and I really want it to stop. For my own health.

Thanks for listening to my 5 social media resolutions in 2015. Let me know what your resolutions are and stay with me to see if I stick to them this time! Although no promises on the gym or no selfies thing…

social media cloud-2


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Pic it up with #LitterGram

KLB-littergram-Share 320x240

With just a few weeks left in our Keep Louisiana Beautiful campaign, we really need your help to identify littered areas in our state! If you’re out and about and see litter, pic it up! Snap a picture, upload it to Instagram with the hashtag, #LitterGram and be sure your location services are turned on! Keep Louisiana Beautiful will then be able to use the ap’s geolocation features to identify where clean-ups need to be held or where grant funding and other assistance is needed. We’ve loved the ability to run a social and digital campaign this year but it can’t work with out you.

Check out how to participate here:

KLB’s Executive Director, Leigh Harris says “It’s the whole awareness kind of idea. If you see it, and you take a picture of it and you post it and you pick up that item, it’s probably going to make you and whoever’s with you at the time think twice about littering yourself,”

WAFB, one of our local news stations just ran a story on the campaign and even featured a Littergram participant! You could be next.



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Miss Louisiana trades in some silver for a pop of color

Original post on The Advocate’s Krewe de Crown Blog 


Leading up to the 2014 Miss USA Preliminaries, Miss Louisiana Brittany Guidry, has been teasing a sparkly silver gown for the competition. Her official pageant photos released on the Miss Universe website included poses in this silver dress and we loved it!

gownsilver official miss usa gown pic 1

But the night of the preliminaries at the Baton Rouge River Center, Miss Louisiana stunned the crowd in a GORGEOUS indigo gown.

miss la dressgown3 official miss usa prelim gown gown1

She worked her turns with flips of the dress’ flowing drapery and shocked us all with this vibrant hue, standing out among the various shades of black and whites. Still no word on why the last-minute gown switch, or which she will wear Sunday night for the Official Miss USA Competition, but all eyes will be on this hometown favorite!

Which Miss Louisiana prelim evening gown was your favorite and which do you think she’ll wear for the 2014 Miss USA Pageant?

For more footage from the 2014 Miss USA preliminary competition, visit The Baton Rouge Advocate’s page.


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Krewe de Crown by RedStick Blog

Krewe de Crown by RedStick Blog

Check out the blog on the rest of the Krewe de Crown members and I! Via Visit Baton Rouge’s Red Stick Blog

Miss USA contestants dive into la culture

Check out my blog post for the Advocate’s Miss USA 2014 Krewe de Crown page! Miss USA contestants dive into la culture


May 31, 2014 the 2014 Miss USA contestants returned to Nottoway Plantation for a seafood extravaganza hosted by the Louisiana Seafood Promotion and Marketing Board. The ladies enjoyed a night immersed in authentic Louisiana culture, filled with true Cajun cuisine, zydeco dancing, washboard playing, oyster shucking, alligator petting, crawfish-eating lessons and more.


The Miss USA contestants took occasional breaks from the dance floor to enjoy fresh, Louisiana Seafood prepared by executive chefs from La.’s finest restaurants.


Chef Troy Deano didn’t have to instruct these two southern belles, Miss Alabama and Miss Louisiana on how to correctly peel crawfish.

Chef Troy, Miss AL and Miss LA

Miss Louisiana, Brittany Guidry, shows her fellow 2014 Miss USA contestants how to play the washboard, a traditional zydeco musical instrument.

She then teaches Miss Utah how to move to those Louisiana zydeco beats! Also featuring Miss Rhode Island on the washboard!

Miss Oregon gets a quick oyster-shucking lesson.

Miss Oregon

Miss Washington approves of fresh Louisiana shrimp!

Miss Wisconsin


For more pictures and Miss USA updates, follow the #KrewedeCrown ‘s conversation through our hashtag as well as Visit Baton Rouge‘s social media platforms!



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#SaveTheQueen at Miss USA 2014

Reblog from The Advocate

save the queen banner

If you’re like me and have already picked out a favorite of the 2014 Miss USA contestants, get your phone and Twitter app ready! During the live telecast of the 2014 Miss USA Competition, June 8 at 8/7c on NBC, you can vote to #SaveTheQueen! Fans can live tweet using the hashtag, #SaveTheQueen, along with the keyword provided on screen to secure their favorite contestants’ place in the finals! Simply listen for the cue to vote and follow the on-screen instructions.

If you still don’t know who your favorite is, you have until the end of the Miss USA evening gown competition to decide which contestant you want to save! To vote YOU MUST HAVE YOUR TWITTER ACCOUNT SET TO PUBLIC. I repeat you must have your twitter account set to public! There is also a limit of ten votes per Twitter account.

Do your homework before the pageant and watch the contestants’ Road to the Crown interviews below or view their bios on to learn more about them.


To learn more about this year’s #SaveTheQueen feature or view the official rules, click here!



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